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11/7/2017 9:36 AM7204015175Main
Would it be possible to set up a meeting with Mr. Katsampes?  Our 7 year old is currently enrolled in SVVSD and we are interested in getting her onto the waitlist at BCSIS.  She has recently come out to us as transgender.  We are very concerned about what has been happening to her at school since she has socially transitioned.  And we've heard incredible things about BCSIS.  We are also planning to attend the info session on 11/28.
(no title)InquirySamantha FrazeeUnread
10/6/2017 2:05 PMMain

I'm a volunteer for Harvest of Hope, a Boulder food pantry providing free food to Boulder families and individuals in need of food assistance. We provide food for both those with kitchens, and those without kitchens.

We rely, in part, upon food drives to provide food to our clients. Would your school be interested in holding a food drive to benefit us in November?

Thank you in advance and I look forward to speaking with you,

Emerson Oronte
(no title)November Food DriveEmerson OronteUnread
10/3/2017 9:07 AM3035079180Main
We are interested in open enrolling our 5 year old son into your Kindergarten class for the 2018/19 school year.  His birthday is June 21, but as he will be entering as a newly 6 year old, I don't think there are any cutoffs for him? Also, I would like to know what steps need be taken before enrolling online Nov 1, as well as if we would be able to do a school visit in the next couple of weeks?
Thanks so much!
(no title)EnrollmentCarolina OConnellUnread
9/20/2017 8:19 AM3038286759Main
Hello. How do we set up a time to tour your beautiful school?
(no title)TouraQui MizrahiUnread
9/12/2017 2:35 PM303-264-9635Main
 Hi, I am a parent who lives in South Boulder. My four-year-old son Max is currently in pre-K. We are looking into options for kindergarten for next year. I am hoping that the right person from BCSIS would be willing to contact me to help me understand how I might learn more about your kindergarten program?  Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing from you! Warmly, Melissa
(no title)Checking out kindergartenMelissa MansikaUnread
9/7/2017 9:49 PM9137082695Main

I am interested in having my son attend your school for first grade next fall. I'm wondering if I can come tour / visit the school and do a Q&A with the first grade teachers before officially applying?

With gratitude,
(no title)Visit / Tour School Ashley SmithUnread
8/9/2017 1:32 PM7202525999Main
Dear Amazing BVSD Educators and Support Staff:

My name is Richard Blake and I am a parent of two children in the BVSD school district as well as a full-time at-home parent and a a regular school volunteer. In addition to these roles I am a developer of K-8 STEM and Writing programs and I am offering the district an opportunity for free in-person presentations of my new program covering the Solar System and the upcoming 2017 Great American Eclipse.

Please see my link below to review my program (and others) which should take no more than 10-15 minutes. Click on SOL: A Solar System Journey. Please be patient while the presentation link on the page loads:

I am offering this opportunity through my one-person organization called STEMpunkED, a organization devoted to providing STEM and Writing education to elementary and middle-school children. I have recently tested the above program I am offering with great success at the Mamie Doud Eisenhower Library in Broomfield. I would be happy to present this program on a School-Assembly, Grade Specific, or Classroom Specific basis to you as a way to prepare for and celebrate the Great American Eclipse.

If you are interested in talking with me about this program, or others, please contact me at 720-252-5999 or by responding to this message.

I deeply appreciate the time you devote to reading this message and to examining my materials. It may also be good to know that I have passed the BVSD fingerprinting background check and am able to fully participate in all school activities.
(no title)Eclipse Program by BVSD ParentRichard BlakeUnread
8/4/2017 12:39 PM303-815-1500 ex 204Main

You are being contacted to make sure that we can get the most recent contact information for your school regarding our Bunny Bucks Program here at Grandrabbit's Toy Shoppe. If you can please send me the name, phone number and Email address for the current contact at your school we would greatly appreciate it when it comes time to remind everyone to come spend their Bunny Bucks Gift Card. We had thousands of dollars go unclaimed this year and don't want that to happen again come January 2018!

Megan Hursh
Bunny Bucks Coordinator

Grandrabbit's Toy Shoppe
The Orchard
14644 Orchard Pkwy unit 1000
Westminster Co 80023
303-815-1500 ex 204
(no title)Bunny Bucks Program At Grandrabbit's Toy ShoppeMegan HurshUnread
7/22/2017 2:26 PM781-771-2747Main
I have just discovered your school and am interested in learning more.  Specific things I would love to know about include: outdoor time/movement, food/lunch/snacks, sports, media use at home and campus.  How can I learn more?
(no title)QuestionsLydia PalermoUnread
7/16/2017 9:36 AM509-237-2197Main

I have a 9 year old boy, going into third grade this school year. We have been in the Waldorf school system since he was 3. We are searching for a new school in Boulder, CO. We are moving from Flagstaff, AZ. I am liking your description of your balanced pedagogy and curriculum you offer. May we come in for a tour while we are visiting Boulder until 7/22? I hope to hear from you! Thanks,

(no title)Touring and learning about your schoolKatie SudhalterUnread
6/21/2017 4:43 PM303-883-7267Main

Renaissance Adventures has been running summer and after-school programs in Boulder since 1995, and in fact, we ran popular after-school programs at BCSIS for several years some time ago. This summer, we have a little over 20 kids that attend BCSIS that also go to our programs, and some have expressed hope that we can run after-school enrichment programs on a weekly basis.

Is there an option for us to run programs at BCSIS? I am planning for the fall season now, so hopefully this reaches you in time.

(no title)Bringing Renaissance Adventures to BCSIS After-school OfferingsAaron PirnackUnread
4/27/2017 9:33 AM770-883-1622Main
Good morning - we're moving to the neighborhood from Atlanta this June and we've heard great things about BCSIS so want to try to attend. My daughter is in preschool currently at age 4, and will be in preschool 2017-2018 as well - starting Kindergarten in 2018-2019.  I understand BCSIS is an open enrollment school, but is it the same for the preschool?

Would you be able to tell me if there is any chance that she would have a spot beginning in August, or is it too late to enroll?

And, if she does get a spot, does that mean my son (he's currently 2), would automatically be able to join the preschool when he is ready?

The kids currently attend a private school in Atlanta so we're not so familiar with the public school process, and furthermore the open enrollment process so I'm still trying to wrap my head around the whole process.  :)  Thanks for any information you can give to help simplify.

(no title)Preschool questionKeryn SchneiderUnread
4/23/2017 6:22 PM3035796616Main
Hello! My daughter Rasa Haley will be starting kindergarten in August at BCSIS and I just got her immunization and health forms from her doctor. Should I send those in? Of so, where? Thanks! Laima
(no title)Health form questionLaima HaleyUnread
4/19/2017 6:27 PMMain
To whom it may concern,

I am an early childhood education student at Naropa University and am contacting you about the possibility of scheduling a time to come in for an observation in the third or fourth grade classrooms. The assignment is to observe a child in the classroom for an hour and then complete a write up on development. I am to complete the observation with one other student from my class. Would any of the teachers be open to letting two of us come in on Friday morning? The write up is completely confidential and we would not use the name of any child. While in the classroom, we would simply be observing, so the day could continue as normally scheduled.

Nathaniel Michael
(no title)ObservationNathaniel MichaelUnread
4/18/2017 9:25 PM415-336-6123Main
Hi there,

My husband, daughter and I are moving from San Francisco to Boulder Colorado.   I did my research and I would love to register my daughter at your school. Can you provide me with more information on next steps to ensuring we are eligible to attend the school and to apply? 

Thank you,
Mom of Katerina Scheulov - 5 yrs old
(no title)Moving from San FranciscoTamara ScheulovUnread
4/8/2017 10:43 PM541-778-4806Main
I am exploring a move to Boulder and have heard wonderful things about your school. I have a 5 year old son who has been going to a waldorf preschool for 2 years in Ashland, Oregon. I would love to continue his education in that direction. Do you have space available for next fall in Kindergarten? And could I come for a tour when I am next in Boulder April 19th-26th?
Doing all the initial research into school options etc.
Thank you,
Renee Jeffus
(no title)Enrollment?Renee JeffusUnread
3/31/2017 11:15 AM3038804534Main
Hi, We are moving to Boulder this summer.  We have a son who will be in 5th grade.  it looks as if we have missed the open enrollment, but would it potentially be worthwhile to fill out an application despite this?  I'm not quite sure how the process works. 

Thank you, 

Kari Wheeler
(no title)enrollment Kari WheelerUnread
3/21/2017 11:45 AM919-616-9893Main
Would you please send me link to buy tix for spaghetti dinner?

(no title)Spaghetti DinnerChris FrazierUnread
3/15/2017 11:40 AMMain
Twice this week already, I have arrived (admittedly, at about 8:16) to a backed-up drop-off line, caused by one or two cars PARKED with no one in them. May we have a reminder to parents NOT to park and leave their cars in the drop-off line, at least before 8:25? If folks need to go inside, they cannot use the drop-off line and just leave their cars clogging it up. I know we all should be getting our kids there by 8:15, but following the rules of the drop-off line would also help, especially on a week like this (daylight savings time change). thank you:)
(no title)morning drop-offMary FergusonUnread
2/7/2017 5:54 AM13608362778Main

My daughter Julia has been accepted into BCSIS for open enrollment kindergarten starting September 2017.

I was wondering if you schedule tours or visits with the kiddos or if we can just show up to visit the school.

Please email or call. Thank you very much!


Carolina Slythe
(no title)Needing Help with visit/ tourCarolina SlytheUnread
2/2/2017 4:33 PM7204104489Main
Good Morning,

my son Lorenzo Martilli has been accepted at BCIS in kindergarten, and we are very happy for this. He's currently enrolled in the Mapleton Preschool of the BVSD. I understand that i do not have to enroll it again. Can you, please, confirm that no action is required form our side?


(no title)Alberto MartilliUnread
2/2/2017 8:24 AMMain

My name is Emerson Oronte and I am a volunteer at the Harvest of Hope Food Pantry here in Boulder and I'm reaching out in regards to an effort by the pantry to organize more food drives within the community. In addition to local businesses, we are trying to get in touch with the local schools--such as your own--to see if they would be interested in hosting a food drive on our behalf.

As a bit of background, the Harvest of Hope Food Pantry serves members of the Boulder community by providing free food to families and individuals in need of food assistance. Our clients include both those with kitchens, and those who are experiencing homelessness. Since we are a non-profit, we're dependent on food donations and food drives in order to serve the roughly 1200 individuals who visit us each week. Food drives are simple to host and we are more than happy to assist with pick-ups and provide promotional tools to those who need them. For more information--including how to sign up--you can click here and it will direct you to our website.

If this is something that interests you or you would like more information, feel free to contact me or Ejaye Gilbert, Harvest of Hope Volunteer Manager at Also, feel free to reach out to our executive director, Heather Pollock, at

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

(no title)Harvest of Hope Food PantryEmerson OronteUnread
1/31/2017 12:59 PM6466213235Main
We were supposed to attend the Kindergarten tour that was cancelled due to the snow last month. Do you have any upcoming school tours or would it be possible to set one up for the near future?  Thank you.
(no title)Kindergarten info/tourJessica SlatusUnread
1/29/2017 12:55 PM303-817-4733Main
I'm writing as a parent volunteer with McTeggart Irish Dancers.  Each year, we offer a couple free performances to elementary schools on the morning of St Patrick's Day.  This would entail 20 minutes of dancing by elementary and middle school dancers ranging from intermediate skills to champion level dancers.   We can also share a bit about the history of this art form.  Please let me know if this would be of interest to your school.  Thanks!  Terri
(no title)Free St Patrick's Day performanceTerri WaltersUnread
1/16/2017 7:46 PM3034789551Main

My family currently lives down in Austin, TX and we will be coming up to the Boulder area in March and would like to schedule a tour if possible. My son, Indigo, currently attends the Austin Waldorf School and we are considering a move back to Colorado after the 2017-2018 school year. Indigo would be starting 2nd grade in the fall of 2018 and we are trying to get a head start on locating a new school for him.

If it is possible to come in for a visit, we will be available Monday, March 13th or Tuesday, March 14th. Please let me know if one of those dates will work for you.

Thank you,
Juliet, Justin, and Indigo
(no title)Your requestJuliet DillUnread
1/6/2017 2:56 PM6466213235Main
Hi, we were planning on attending the tour yesterday, but school was not in session due to the snow.  Will that tour be rescheduled?  Thank you.
Jessica Slatus
(no title)school tourJessica SlatusUnread
12/21/2016 8:49 PM3033254492Main
Hello- I was hoping to contact someone to be able to ttour your school as my son will be starting kindergarten in the fall.  I realize you are on break. Would it be possible for someone to contact me about setting up a tour as soon as possible? I know open enrollment is ending soon.  Thanks for any help here.
Sincerely,  Allison Stamm
(no title)Kindergarten AllisonUnread
12/12/2016 1:56 PM402-214-5304Main
Good afternoon. Would it be possible for my husband and I to come in this week to tour your school? We are looking to find a school that is going to fit our family well. We will be looking into 1st, 2nd, and 4th grade.

Thank you,
Sarah Allen
(no title)Tour of the SchoolSarah AllenUnread
12/8/2016 3:20 PM907-351-9277Main
Good afternoon!
My name is Gretchen and I have two children at the Waldorf School in Boulder currently.  I wanted to get more information regarding your program and if you have ever had children transfer from Waldorf to BCSIS?
They would be in 1st and 3rd grades next year.  Is there a lottery or a wait list? 
Thank you so much!!
(no title)Enrollment 2017Gretchen H JonesUnread
11/17/2016 8:45 PM7204104489Main

I would like to know if you organize guided tours, and inofrmation meetings about the school in ocasion of the open enrollement,


(no title)tourAlberto MartilliUnread
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