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Mission & Vision


The BCSIS approach is inspired by the work of several leading educators and a variety of methods, including:

  • Arts-integrated education

  • The multiple intelligences (Howard Gardner) and other applications of multi-dimensional whole brain/body learning

  • The student-initiated project-learning approach of integrated day programs

  • An understanding of cultural diversity and equity.

  • The skill-building techniques of traditional Western education

Thus, the program integrates a full array of movement and the arts into a rich academic curriculum. Teachers use stories, songs, movement, art, and music from around the world as tools for teaching math, language arts, science, and social studies. They weave the curriculum together with storytelling, music, painting, handwork, recitation, poetry, movement, drama, puppetry, and sculpting. The program also emphasizes the development of children's sensitivity to beauty of the natural world. Authentic, natural learning materials help develop this important connection to nature.

If you are new to our school, we’re so pleased that you’ve chosen BCSIS for your child’s primary school education. Our goal is to provide new parents with enough information to help ease the transition to a new community, so that everyone feels welcomed, understands how the school works, and how to get involved. Please come to events, introduce yourself in the hall, and let us get to know you. The benefits and friendships that this school offers your children and your family are multiplied when you are involved. We hope you take one of the many opportunities to truly make this school your school.


‚ÄčThe Boulder Community School of Integrated Studies at Aurora 7 (BCSIS) provides a rich aesthetic environment in which artistic expression, active involvement, and academic excellence provide a foundation for the learning experience. A holistic approach addresses the head, heart, and hand of each child. Rhythm and sensitivity to unique developmental ages assure that students are held in a secure place where, through exposure to multicultural activities and creative projects, they emerge as self-defined, competent, and compassionate individuals.