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Special Programs

BCSIS is an integrated program where we create classrooms with “extended walls” that offer a variety of learning opportunities. The following is a small representation of these offerings:

Field Trips: Boulder Public Library District Art Show, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Phoenix Goldmine, Denver Zoo, Gross Reservoir Water Study, Whole Foods Grocery, Arvada Center for the Arts, Frasier Meadows Senior Center, Dairy Center for the Arts, University of Colorado Museum of Natural History, Eco-Cycle, Fifth Grade Outdoor Ed Week at Cal-Wood.

Special Programs and Assemblies: BCSIS Rose Ceremony, Fall Lantern Walk, Spring Flower Festival, BCSIS Spring Carnival, Imagination Makers Theater Company, Waste-Free Lunch Week, Sister-School Program with Rock Foundation School in Uganda, Odd Girl Out Student Workshop and Parent Evening, Poetry Café Event, Chinese New Year Parade, Reading-to-End-Racism Program, Fourth Grade Science Fair, Student performance at CU Shakespeare festival,  

Passageworks approaches are integrated through the grades, with an emphasis on entering the school community in kindergarten, and transitioning to middle school in 5th grade.

In addition to school-wide and classroom opportunities, children are welcome to participate in clubs and activities offered at different times during the school year. These opportunities include: BCSIS Robotics Club, Intramurals and Field Day, Chess Club and Chess Classes, Africa Club, Science Fair, Bunraku Puppetry, Kids on Canvas Art Classes, Cartooning for Kids, and a BCSIS Music and Dance Group (Jazz Mountain).

Boulder Community School of Integrated Studies (BCSIS) is a holistic, arts-integrated school in which active involvement and academic excellence provide a foundation for learning and self-expression. BCSIS integrates several culture-building programs into our classroom routines which promote positive behaviors, independent decision-making, close and positive classroom environments, and effective problem-solving skills.