First Grade

    1st grade

    First graders learn to read and write through integrated units.  These units include plants, Native Americans, Africa, Solids & Liquids, and Earth Materials.  Children learn and express their learning through visual arts, drama, music, and dance.  Another important focus in first grade is building number sense through math instruction and games.  Social emotional learning is emphasized throughout the school year to create and build a healthy classroom community.​


    The 2009 Common Core State Standards (CCSS) have brought about a much needed move towards consistency in mathematics throughout the state and nation. In December 2010, the Colorado Academic Standards revisions for Mathematics were adopted by the State Board of Education. These standards aligned the previous state standards to the Common Core State Standards to form the Colorado Academic Standards (CAS). The CAS include additions or changes to the CCSS needed to meet state legislative requirements around Personal Financial Literacy. 
    The Colorado Academic Standards Grade Level Expectations (GLE) for math are being adopted in their entirety and without change in the PK-8 curriculum. This decision was made based on the thorough adherence by the state to the CCSS. These new standards are specific, robust and comprehensive. Additionally, the essential linkage between the standards and the proposed 2014 state assessment system, which may include interim, formative and summative assessments, is based specifically on these standards. The overwhelming opinion amongst the mathematics teachers, school and district level administration and district level mathematics coaches clearly indicated a desire to move to the CAS without creating a BVSD version through additions or changes.



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