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Parent Involvement

What it Takes to Support a Focus School

As a focus school, we meet BVSD standards and go beyond them with our own arts-integrated curriculum. While BVSD works to support what it takes to meet district standards, it’s up to us to go the extra mile to support our focus. Having an arts-integrated program takes more time and it takes more money. That’s where the “community” in BCSIS comes in. We rely on our community to support our focus and that means that we need your involvement in the following ways:

Your Time: We want you to be an active member of our community by contributing 20 hours of your time per year. There are numerous opportunities to be involved, including helping in the classroom, volunteering for our various events, helping with classroom sponsored events, ED Council, or filing books in the library. 

Your Money: We expect every family to make a tax-deductible annual contribution to the Community Growth Campaign. Money from this fund goes to support our teachers by providing added paraprofessional hours which lessen distractions on our teachers and helps them focus on the classroom experience. If you cannot contribute the full amount, please contribute what you can. If you can, consider making a larger contribution to make up for what some families are not able to give. Virtually everything your child sees and touches at BCSIS goes beyond what the district provides for us, and must be purchased and maintained by our community. 

Your Supply Fee: All families are expected to contribute this fee that pays for the classroom supplies you would normally be expected to purchase for your child. This allows us to pool funds to buy high-quality supplies at bulk prices, while ensuring equity of materials for all students.

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