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maypole ceremony

Autumn Social

In early fall, we come together for a fun-filled, family-oriented event with music, food, apples, and more. This is a great opportunity to make new friends, visit with old friends, and celebrate community. This event is planned by the Community Building Committee.


Fall festival flower table
Children and parents lantern walk

Lantern Walk

"I go outside with my lantern, My lantern goes with me

Above me shine the stars so bright, Down here on earth shine We"

In early November, out K-3 graders bring their light into the darkness during this magical school festival that celebrates art, music, and the changing of the seasons.


Winter Festival

This holiday fundraiser is a treasured tradition at BCSIS. Our school is transformed into a wonderland filled with twinkly lights, the smell of baked goods, and the sounds of merriment as our community comes together to enjoy home-cooked dishes at our Community Meal, shop at our Marketplace featuring handmade goods donated by our crafty parents, and marvel with delight watching our amazing kids show their stuff at our beloved school Talent Show. This parent-led event is run by the Winter Festival Design and Logistics team and a whole army of volunteers.

Spiral garden center

Spiral Garden

With story, song, and quiet reflection, our children journey into the spiral where they will find a bowl of shiny crystals reflecting the light. At the end of the evening, the children take their light, in the form of a crystal, out into the world. The spiral journey is done silently, accompanied by the music of a harp. This is a parent-led event.